Mentoring (schools support program)



1.1. Zhakiya Charity Foundation (hereinafter The Foundation) has stated main objectives of the Program. Program’s objective is to provide State Educational Institutions with targeted financial assistance to improve learning conditions for children and to improve their well-being.
1.2. Children’s home of Almaty and Almaty Oblast and the high school in Araltobe of Aktobe region are eligible to take part in the program.
1.3. Number of educational institutions, program’s geographical coverage is determined by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees on an annual basis.


2.1. The main motive for the Foundation behind providing charitable targeted assistance is to educate active citizens of Kazakhstan, to form positive values and patriotism, to encourage orphanages students and other people representing vulnerable classes of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan to be involved in active citizenship.
2.2. Educational Institutions which applied or sent a formal request demonstrating the need for targeted aid are eligible to obtain the support.
2.3. The program is open to all agencies referred to all agencies mentioned in paragraph #3, current Regulation and meets the criteria of the program.


3.1. In order to participate in the Program it is required to provide:
● An official letter describing the need for such service.
● List of children
● Quotations from suppliers of goods and services (not less than 2)


4.1. There are no limitations on the number of applications or letters.
4.2. The reply is sent 10 working days. The Foundation reserves the right to change the above dates.


5.1. In case the Foundation and Beneficiary reach an agreement on receiving aid, the contract specifying charitable aid will be signed. Otherwise the letter of the confirmation will be provided by the Foundation.
5.2. Payment for goods and services made directly to the supplier of goods / services. Otherwise, wire-transfers are sent to accounts of beneficiaries. Beneficiaries are expected to submit financial report specifying their spending.
5.3. The Foundation may additional information and documents containing all changes related to the goods and services provided to beneficiaries. The Foundation reserves the right to verify provided information.
5.4. Program of Support for Educational Institutions covers the following costs:
● Purchasing scientific, methodical, fiction, educational materials, and subscription to children’s publications.
● Organizing various events, promotions, and competitions;
● Purchasing gifts, food, clothing, and shoes for children;
● Paying for renovating and for improving educational and residential buildings of Educational Institution;
● Purchasing of sports equipment and pieces of medicine;
● Other services mentioned in the contract or confirmation letter;
5.5. Beneficiaries’ duties:
● Beneficiaries must ensure that all received goods and services are treated carefully.
● All provided goods and services must be used for the personal benefit of Beneficiaries.
5.6. Duties of Beneficiaries:
● The Foundation reserves the right to ensure an actual receiving of goods and services within the program. The Foundation may also check if goods and services are reflected on the Beneficiaries’ balance sheets though acts of reception and transmission, as well as the intended use of products / services, cash.