About the fund

The Fund's mission - Creating the conditions for personal fulfillment of children and youth from low-income families and orphanages to be successful and responsible citizens of Kazakhstan through improved opportunities for education, training and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Doing good and leaving your decent mark in a turbulent history of our country was considered to be the destiny of noble and motivated people. Taking the best of your life and fully give yourself to beloved country. Believe in people and endlessly trust in their goodwill and love of life. That is the way we remember Zhakiya Sarsenov (1934-2003). Like many children of his generation he was left without parental affection at an early age and has gone through severe school of life, but the ordeal did not break him but only tempered his persistent, tenacious, purposeful character.

Born in Araltobe village of Aktobe region, by a twist of fate he has spent most of his life in the South Kazakhstan, became famous in Shymkent - universally respected, authoritative, head of a large and happy Sarsenovs family.

"Zhakiya" Charitable Fund is a charity organization created by his family and friends in order to implement the ideas that continue affairs and development principles followed and taught by Zhakiya himself, thanks to which he made his way through the thorns of life and asserted himself..

Download the “Жақия. Туған жерге мейірін төккен" book.

Download the “Model life” ("Өнегели өмір") book. Autobiography, memoirs, articles.